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When did it become a liability to be intelligent? Suddenly, any indication that you have a brain is bad. Gods forbid you should use reasonable grammar, spell well or know the location of more than your home state. I'm sure you've seen this: The look of blank non-comprehension as you explain that yes, you do in fact know the date Hiroshima got flattened (or some other supposedly non-arcane fact). Or the jeering laughter when you reveal your intimate knowledge of Italian pasta-making. Why is it "better" to be vague and clueless?

Well, the education system in general aside, it is my opinion, for what it's worth, that we're going through some kind of twisted reverse-Renaissance, and we're doomed until we emerge into the light at the other end. (Goths can emerge in the dark if they want ... as a group they're still more intelligent, by an order of magnitude, than your average kid.) What exactly this re-emergence would take is anyone's guess. But the general consensus seems to be that since everyone else is stupid ...


I just don't even know how to finish this, I'm so depressed now. Maybe I'll have the gumption later. ...Maybe not. line intelligence . language . religion . driving . death . diversity . courtesy . losing things . spring . chatters . intelligence ... again line