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So I'm sitting in Del Taco the other day, perusing the Orange County Register with my adored one, when we come across a story about a white teacher who was laid off ahead of a black one, in the name of ethnic diversity.

Well. You can about imagine my thoughts on this. And in case you can't, I'm about to share them with you.

Remember the days before "PC" when ethnic diversity just sort of happened? My elementary school was a true melting pot, with blacks, hispanics, indians, and some kid from Lebanon who nearly broke my finger one day on the playground. And I don't even know why I remember that he was Lebanese; only that I hated him until we got to junior high, when I simply hated everyone for weeks, for no reason whatsoever. I based this not on race, creed, color, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. I just thought people, in general, sucked. (High school was infinitely worse and I'm never going to share that with you, so you can rest easily.)

Remember when people were just people, and if they were a different race or color, you noticed it just in passing, and not as a some grim signpost to bad race relations? Maybe I'm too open-minded for today's "society", but I see no reason why we can't all just be Americans. I respect without question everyone's right to be different, and I hope everyone continues to be different. But when common sense is overrun by a compulsion to cater to any common denominator, things are going to go sadly wrong.

Take the story in question. This white teacher, as equally qualified as the black one (who has a master's degree and was still quoted as saying "You don't get nothing in this world with an advanced degree."), and who sued for the salary she lost. She won in a succession of lower courts, but the defense had taken the case to the highest court in New Jersey, where she was on the verge (we assume) of winning yet again. Well, a coalition of black educators offered to pay 70% of the settlement, to end the case before a verdict could be rendered and a precedent set.

I would like to make it clear right now that I am the least racist person on this planet, and my complaint is not with the fact that the coalition was comprised of black educators.

I'm pissed that any group w ould go to such lengths to ensure the continual imbalance of policies in certain quarters, and that those policies promote flat figures over common sense. Why should not the most qualified person be retained? Don't students suffer academically, even as they're coddled on the PC breast?

Or, if one must have other standards, at least keep the teacher who doesn't use double negatives. line intelligence . language . religion . driving . death . diversity . courtesy . losing things . spring . chatters . intelligence ... again line