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Allow me to say from the start that this will not be some romanticized wail on the gothness of death, or beauty in the darkness or whatever. It's also less of a rant than an exploration. It's just that, recently, the topic has been on my mind. To wit, what's it all about? Who is this Death person, anyway, and where does s/he bring us?

Having plowed through countless religious standpoints on death and the hereafter, it just really makes me wonder. I mean, will it be a huge hall filled with warriors and a barbecue every night? A rambling, perfect garden? A void? Even (the gods help us all) harp music? (I'd rather the void, frankly.)

It is a source of continuing fascination to hear of others' views on death -- both the "person" or personality and the after. I adore Terry Pratchett's Death character, with his cockeyed views of humanity, life and death in general.

I've also noticed that, despite the fractiousness with which most religions view each others' respective dogmas, no one really knocks the death rituals of others. No one has ever said, "How sacrilegious for the Vikings to set fire to their dead," or, "Those damned Egyptians with their pyramids. They're just going to hell, you know." It's as though, on some fundamental level, every view of death is ok.

It's also kind of sad that that's where the religious bickering ends.

I'm pretty clear on what I want to happen to my corporeal remains when the breath of life no longer fills me .... but as to where I shall go, your guess is as good as mine. My ideas change just about daily. What would be cool (today) would be a place where I can talk to every friend and loved one I've lost for all eternity, and get to say all the things I never had a chance to say, where there are still stars and rain and trees and all the things I love .... and none of the things I despise.

What are your thoughts? Where do we go? I'd love to hear your views.

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