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People, work with me here.

I've been spending some time in my own chat room of late (in cognito, of course, and always a different name) and I'm pretty sick of 90% of the people I meet in there. They're clueless, directionless, drama-queen squeakies who think mutilating themselves (or saying they do) is a sure-fire path to constant attention; who think that 'goth' is about heresy and nihilism[1], or about pissing off their parents; or who just plain don't think.

I am not very supportive of these people, I'm afraid.

It doesn't help that I've not been in a good mood of late (lack of sleep, overwork, dash of stress-sort of thing), but I can assure you that my intolerance of stupidity is both long-lived and well-documented.

So I'm not very nice and hand-holdy for these folk. I don't join them in a 'parents suck' chant; I don't commiserate on how school sucks, too; I don't tell them that self-mutilation is cool.

I have been having quite a bit of fun dragging their definition of 'goth' out of them. (I still like 'heresy and nihilism' best. This from a girl who couldn't define nihilism if you held a gun to her head ... a binary one, anyway. I know, because I did ;>)

And another thing. I wish people would stop asking the same three bloody questions: 'How old are you? M/F? Where are you?' I much prefer the stealthy method of finding things out, like watching for contextual clues. I do sometimes ask where people are from, if it's obvious someone's not from the U.S. -- I love to hear about other cultures.

And another thing. I'm sick of people in chat rooms everywhere who assume that a) everyone else is either from the U.S. or b) knows where all the cities are. Even worse, not knowing about the existence of other countries! A chatter told me once that, having told someone he was from Brussels, got asked what state that was in. I ask you!

I'm tired of illiterate, ungrammatical, non-punctuated conversations. I do not thing 'r u' is an acceptable alternative to 'are you' and I think the apostrophe is not that hard to find on the keyboard. The word 'for' is only two keystrokes longer than the current annoying abbreviation '4', and gratuitous misspelling makes me seriously want to fork over the $60 a year for admin priviledges. ('Feel the quite rape of my remote disconnect .....*kapow*')

I'm not sure if I'm helping or hurting when I tell these cusp-of-adulthood chatters that they're acting like babies. Am I making a difference when I try to make them think, when I won't accept 'Because I like it' as a reason for a way of life? Will anyone log off and think twice about following the mainstream?

Has Suriel-in-disguise yelled at you?

[1] I was really told this once. Too bad the girl didn't know what nihilism was, and had a bad definition for heresy, too.

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