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in which Suriel pays Tribute to the late, lamented Helter Skelter

Helter was the first gothic club I ever went to.

It occupied a terrific, crumbling building, the old Stardust Ballroom, wedged between a Ralph's grocery and Mr. C's, a hip-hop club (which made for some interesting waiting-in-line). In the time I knew it, it moved twice to my knowledge, first to a tiny venue in Little Tokyo, then to a huge place on Highland off Melrose.

But wherever it was, however great the music, and however much Campari they stocked (bless their black hearts) the people were always the reason to go.

I could regale you with anecdotes for days and not tell half of what one could see (my favorite will always be the guy in the ladies', holding a tall white candle and staring into space). But the best way is to show you .....

(this section is coming soon)