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in which we are invited to Prowl Burial-Grounds with Suriel and her Beloved

On a warm, late-autumn afternoon, my adored one and I spent hours prowling around old, crumbling cemeteries in southwestern Louisiana.

The graveyards of the south are so much more interesting than those in the desert or in California. For one thing, most graves are either above-ground mausoleums, or covered with a stone or marble slab. This is to stop the coffins rising up and floating away in a heavy rain, which has been known to happen! (right down the road from my house, one time, in fact *shiver*)

We wandered three old cemeteries in and around Lafayette: St. John's, with its magnificent 19th century cathedral; St. John's in Carencro, bounded on all sides by dense forest, and another, unnamed, Carencro cemetery, with positively ancient monuments.

Come .... wander with us ...