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About this site

The Dark Tapestry was my first personal site. These days, it doesn't get updated like it used to, mainly because I can't think of anything interesting to add. It's also a gateway to my other sites:

I maintain a journal, which is updated several times a month, and a blog, which is updated several times a day, but with nothing really interesting.

I'm also in a couple of bands: Paris Burning and Reliquary, which, despite sharing two-thirds of the members, are pretty different. Some day Paris Burning will release a second CD, and Reliquary will release a debut. Until then, there are mp3s galore on each site, of varying quality.

For your viewing pleasure ...

I've designed this site with extensive CSS and DHTML, which is best viewed with a 5.x+ browser like Opera or MSIE 5+. However, I've gone to some effort to make sure that the content is accessible to any browser, so please email me if there's a problem. Also, the AOL browser and WebTV make the Dark Tapestry look like shit ... please don't do that to my site. I highly recommend 16-bit color or higher and 800x600 (or higher) resolution, but I'll understand if you're a bit behind the bleeding edge and can't quite do that.


Everything on this site is © 1997-2003 by me. All the pics & art are mine. Don't steal them. If you feel you simply must borrow one of my pics, please ask. Also, do NOT link them to my site. I pay for my traffic. For crying out loud, right-click, save the thing to your hard drive, then upload it to your server.

In addition, all written works are mine as well. Nothing contained in this site may be reproduced in any way without my express written permission.

grey day

The Dark Tapestry supports Grey Day


This is v8.0. I tend to redesign in the midst of trauma. I guess it's my way of asserting some measure of control over my little world. Anyway, v8 went live on 9 February 2002.

The Dark Tapestry started out life in 1996 as an AOL member page (don't hold this against it). This version is completely unrecognizable as a child of that old, old page. I've changed the graphics & layout at least twenty times since then, and, for my last birthday, received from my adored one the coolest gifts I've ever gotten .... my own domain. Woo!

Where did the tapestry borders go??

You may well ask. Have you ever really looked at a tapestry? They have a lot of reds and oranges and browns, and quite frankly I was feeling a bit constrained by the color scheme. Besides, if people need an actual tapestry to get the point of this site, well .... I just can't help everyone ;)


This lovely site you see before you was coded entirely by hand using Arachnophilia, a much festive DIY editor. No wysiwyg for this girl, no. Not only does it color your tags as you type, but it's free :) For the graphics, I like Photoshop 5.5 with a veritable slew of plug-ins.

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I am Suriel.